Building Technologies

Long gone are the days that buildings were merely a place to stay or work. Throughout the years, buildings evolved to places that we live our lives, create, have fun, relax, give birth, heal or even produce, invest and profit. As populations of cities are growing exponentially, we found ourselves spending most of our time within buildings (actually 90% of our time), and started to realize the impact they have in our way and quality of living.

At AS Hellas, our mission is to provide excellent conditions for your hotel guests, your office employees, your mall visitors and shoppers, your tenants, your patients, your students, and at the same time to increase the efficiency, the profitability and the value of the building throughout its life span.

It is estimated that in an average office building, design and construction represents only 20% of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) during a 25 years life span. Energy consumption represents 40% of TCO mainly attributed to HVAC and lighting while maintenance costs represent 30% of TCO.

What Building Automation can do for you

Since 2003, AS HELLAS is helping Hotels (read the most recent case study), medical units, Industrial sites, public buildings, office complexes, big retailers, shopping malls, educational institutions and even airports, to become energy efficient, profitable, and to offer a superior experience to their guests, enhancing their value offering.

Our Building Automation solutions will enable you to intuitively and effortlessly manage the day to day operations, save on operating and maintenance costs, and provide a safe, comfortable and healthy environment for the inhabitants.

The cost of implementing a Building Automation system is estimated to about 1% of the construction expenses allowing savings of up to 30% on energy costs, a predictable and optimized maintenance schedule, and a very fast return on the investment (usually no more than 3 years). You can read more on the installation of a best of class BMS here

We are known for our thoroughly designed and implemented solutions, our continuous support to the end-users to help them fully benefit from the installed system, and the trouble-free and cost-efficient upgrades and expansions.

We have delivered projects for some of the most important companies in construction, hospitality, retailing and facility management.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you to get the most of your building, either by installing a new system or by upgrading the existing one.