AS Automation System Hellas utilizes experience of more than 10 years on the automation of energy production and management plants, having completed more than 30 relevant projects.
It is cooperating as a subcontractor with world-class contractors of power plant installation, and undertakes the complete automation of the equipment, offering operation optimization.

Generator fuel feeding, operation monitoring, load control and remote control all operate harmonically under the continuous supervision and control of AS Automation System Hellas software.
Our systems comprise of the latest PLC technology. The central plant management is done from SCADA systems which monitor and control the installation equipment and collect and archive data in real time. The operator has complete access to the operation parameters.

Especially for energy production plants we undertake and provide the following:

  • Automation development
  • Plant automation commissioning and start-up
  • Special software installation of management reporting
  • Plant documentation, operator guidance and training
  • Plant lifetime support
  • Maintenance service of installed equipment
  • Modernization and improvement of existing plants

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Special Photovoltaic applications

Optimize the tracker movement keeping investment cost to a minimum

AS Automation System Hellas apart from the individual solutions of large energy plants provides ready tested automatic solutions for the sun trajectory control (PV tracker automation). Our solutions comprise of tracker movement automation on one or two axis.