Traffic Management

It’s all about Safety and Efficiency

With steadily growing traffic demands, and a continuous effort to improve safety standards, the requirements for the operation of tunnels become strict and demanding.
AS Automation System Hellas know-how on tunnel traffic control systems automation, guarantees a flawless monitoring of what is happening inside the tunnel. Automation of LCS, VSLS, VMS, emission control fans, lights, all operate harmonically with our tunnel software solutions.

Our systems comprise of the latest PLC technology. The central plant management is done from SCADA systems which monitor and control the installation equipment, and collect and archive data in real time. The operator has complete access to the operation parameters.

We offer traffic management operation through pre-programmed scripts, where the operator chooses easily any emergency script and the software undertakes automatically all the required operations for the safest management of the situation.
AS Automation System Hellas special software allows for the overlapping of different scripts allowing the operator to choose which one to run as a whole or a part of it.

Especially for tunnel installations we undertake and provide the following:

  • Automation development of monitoring and control
  • Traffic Management System (TMS) software development
  • Tunnel automation commissioning and start-up
  • Special software installation of management reporting
  • Documentation, operator guidance and training
  • Automation lifetime support
  • Maintenance service of installed equipment
  • Modernization and improvement of existing tunnel automation
  • Our latest project: Automation for the longest Balkan tunnel

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Traffic management automation AS Hellas
Traffic management by AS Hellas