Upgrading your system to Siemens Simatic S7

For businesses to remain competitive in the long term, their equipment should adapt to the ever-increasing demands. In recent years, the upgrading needs of obsolete systems are unusually high, following several years of economic crisis with very little capital investment in upgrading.

In fact, a modern automation system will not only lead to a significant reduction in production costs and increased productivity, but will improve the safety and quality of the products produced.

From the increase in system speed and reliability to a significant reduction in resource consumption, in-depth information and the ability to quickly and economically expand in the future, investing in a modern automation system will have a very significant Return On Investment (ROI).

One of the most common upgrades we encounter is of Siemens Simatic S5, one of the most popular automation systems in the world. Simatic S5 is not supported by Siemens anymore, and the company advises the migration to Simatic S7.

As a Siemens Solution Partner, AS Hellas has more than ten years of experience in upgrading S5 family systems, having completed many migrations to the Simatic S7 system.

The upgrades we have made, have been done with the least possible interference in the factory's production schedule. With a surprisingly affordable budget, we transform a seemingly complex intervention into an organized and standardized transition to a new technologically advanced system..


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You can read here the important financial and technical benefits of such an upgrade.