DLBA Dairy

Yogurt and Ayran in Kurdistan!


DLBA Company is established in Kurdistan Region IRAQ. In 2011 they established a subsidiary (DLBA Dairy), for producing and distributing dairy products in IRAQ.

In 2015 they assigned the construction of the Yogurt and Ayran product lines to AS Automation Hellas.

AS Hellas, having extensive know-how and experience in yogurt production lines, has undertaken the design, manufacture, delivery and commissioning of a fully automated yogurt and Ayran unit. A project that posed significant challenges in its implementation.

Turn-key project

Pre-fabricated units have been reassembled and put in operation for the turn-key yogurt project in Erbil, Kurdistan. Applied know-how has been used to construct and put in operation a special-feature mixing, pasteurization and ready to fill set yogurt and Ayran unit, achieving a high quality end product, using initially water and milk powder.

Edge automation ensured the combination of high safety and production output.
Technical solutions

For out customized solutions we used the best value for money components from top suppliers like (among others):

Alfa Laval, Bardiani, Burkert, Festo, Siemens, Tassalini etc

Our prefabricated units we installed, included the following:

CENTRASIP - Central Unit for Automatic Cleaning in Place

The compact solution for small and medium size, for plants. It has integrated tanks with chemical solutions and it is ready to operate.

GALAXIAS - Automatic Milk Pasteurization Unit

The automatic milk pasteurization solution for small and medium size plants. It has integrated all the equipment and ready connections for external equipment (separator, homogenizer, deodorizer, large holder etc.) and it is ready for operation.

YOGAS HOLDER - Milk for Yogurt Longer Holder Unit

It provides long holding times for proper yogurt production.

THERMAS - Automatic Compact Heating Unit

The ideal solution for in-line or recirculation milk heating.

“Seamless integration and trouble free operation”

The production and utility lines were designed with high accuracy and the “plug and play” pre-assembled units were incorporated immediately in the new production system giving the opportunity to produce and deliver to the market from the first day of operation.

Sector manager:Vassilis Giannopoulos