HYATT Thessaloniki

Upgrading the Building Management System (BMS)


After 15 years of operation, Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki, the 5-star Luxury Hotel, decided to upgrade its BMS. The new system had to be reliable in the long term, efficient and flexible. They assigned the project to AS Automation System Hellas

Our solution was planned with regard to long term reliability, flexibility and efficiency. A major parameter of our system design was the use of an open data communication protocol, so we chose the BACnet protocol for the task.

With 20 years of experience with Siemens systems, we chose Desigo, one of the most reliable systems in the European market and the Canadian Neptronic for the climate control in the rooms.

Desigo guarantees more security and comfort, improves performance and results to significant cost reduction

We seamlessly integrated the two systems with the BACnet protocol. We upgraded 45 central panels and 190 room controllers. We installed 50 Schneider power meters for detailed info on the power distribution and 3.500 control points.

“Long-term investment protection due to maximum flexibility”

We achieved 20% reduction in electrical and thermal energy consumption, long-term investment protection due to maximum flexibility and higher efficiency with lower maintenance effort.

Sector manager:Zisis Mpatzakis