Traditional Greek cheeses since 1927


In the town of Elassona, facing Mt. Olympus, lies the dairy industry BIZIOS S.A., one of the largest and most successful cheese producers in Greece. The factory has the capacity to process over 120.000 Kg of milk daily and produces over 8.000 tones Feta cheese annually.

Combining traditional production methods with advanced processing, the company offers traditional Greek cheeses of very high quality and great taste.

High capital investment have turned BIZIOS S.A. in one of the most technologically advanced cheese producers in Greece. AS Hellas, having significant experience and expertise in Dairy and cheese-making, undertook the implementation of a significant part of these investments.


We installed a new, fully automated cleaning unit CENTRASIP for cleaning all the circuits of the factory. The new ultramodern CIP unit guarantee optimal use of chemicals, low water consumption and reduction of waste. The use of regenerated water reduces water consumption by at least 20%. All the parameters are adjustable separately for each circuit by the operator.

Furthermore, we modernized the raw milk reception and the storage installation. The modernization included new tanks, a new mix-proof Bardiani valve cluster fully automated and new Alfa-Laval pumps. We redesigned the raw milk management process for the Feta production, in order to make (the process) more functional, efficient and safe. The restructuring is transforming the process to a fully automated one, facilitating the production control, the safety of the final product and the final cleaning.

BIZIOS S.A. continues to invest in upgrading and automating its production facilities, committed to its vision to produce traditional Greek cheeses with inspirational taste and great quality


The new CIP unit singificantly reduced the cost of the cleaning process,by reducing the use of water and chemicals. The process became more efficient and safe reducing downtime at the same time. The restructuring of the management process of the raw milk for the Feta production, makes the whole process fully automated and more functional. The end result is a safer and more efficient plant.

It is estimated that the modernization and the restructuring will yield:

  • 20% reduction in water consumption
  • 20% reduction in chemicals consumption
  • 10% reduction in steam consumption
  • Greatly improved safety and plant hygiene
Sector manager:Vassilis Giannopoulos