Commissioning of Robotic Palletizing System

DELTA is one of the most important companies in the Industrial History of Greece, and a case study for the Greek Industry. From a small family business of 20 people in 1952 to a multinational company with leading shares in the Greek Dairy market.

DELTA FOODS S.A. understood very early the importance of robotic systems in productivity, safety, and reduction of the operating costs in the Dairy Industry. For years it has been investing in robotic systems, predominantly for the functions of palletizing and pick & place.


In one of the Robotic applications of the company, AS HELLAS was asked to provide a solution to a Robotic Palletizing System that for various reasons was out of order in DELTA’s facilities in Agios Stefanos.

The requirements of the project included:

  • Final Ι/Ο test for palletizing lines.
  • Start-up of ABB robotic arm.
  • Integration of a new interlayer robot for cardboard in the PLC program.
  • Program changes (RAPID) of a palletizing robot with regard to palletizing patterns, and other aspects.
  • Extensive tests for ensuring the proper operation of the lines.

    After the first meeting at the DELTA facilities, it became clear that the scope of the project would be wider as work in various auxiliary systems was also required. In the end, the interventions of the Robotics Department of AS HELLAS included Automation tasks as well as Robotics and Commissioning tasks.

    Among other things, interventions were made in the interlayer robots cabling and in the PROFIBUS network cabling. A chronic communication controller module and computer communication issue was resolved and eliminated malfunctions and faults that arose during voltage dips/drops. During the project, the use of Robotstudio ABB software proved very useful for online programming changes and fine-tuning, palette optimization, but also for troubleshooting the IRC5 controllers where needed.


    After our programming, commissioning, and Start-up services, the robotic systems are ready for operation while achieving the required production cycle times.

    Our services successfully addressed the issues and made the specific robotic systems fully operational and integrated into the production lines.