S. MENTEKIDIS S.A. is one of the most dynamic and promising companies in the very important sector of bottled water. It was founded in 1992, with the first bottling being carried out one year later with water from the Assos spring, located in Seli Vermiou.

Today, the company has two production sites, in Spilia of Kozani (SELI water) and in Karitsa of Pieria (DIOS water). In response to the high demand of its products and despite the adverse conditions, it invested EUR 8.7 million in the creation of state-of-the-art facilities at the DIOS plant, which will ensure a high-quality product fully compliant to international standards, and will give to S. MENTEKIDIS S.A. the opportunity to realize its ambitious plans and realize its goals.

AS HELLAS undertook the upgrading of the production lines in Karitsa, and the reorganization of the production process where necessary.

The key objectives were to rationalize the production process, to further ensure the quality of the final product, to reduce the production operating costs, to increase the capacity (by adding a new filling machine), and to centrally control the entire installation from a central SCADA system.

Due to the high demand for “DIOS” water and the continuous operation of the plant, the project was carried out step by step. AS HELLAS, with many years of experience in upgrading facilities without interrupting the production schedule, was the right partner for the execution of the project.


The solutions of AS HELLAS comprised both mechanical as well as electrical work to support the new equipment. The new facility was designed to adopt advanced technology, both in the mechanical but also in electrical and automation solutions. AS HELLAS undertook the project for all the stages: study and design/supply of equipment/installation and commissioning, with excellent success both in terms of time and quality.

AS HELLAS mechanical solutions included:

  • Redesigning of the production process (where necessary) for greater functionality and efficiency of the plant with easy scalability.
  • Installation of new tanks and new filling machine.
  • Supply and installation of a new CENTRASIP (CIP) cleaning unit to clean the plant before and after the production process. Multiple lines were built so that different production circuits can be cleaned simultaneously. A key element of this CIP is the significant reduction in operating costs as it makes optimal use of the necessary resources (energy, water and chemicals).
  • Supply and installation of new automatic valve clusters. They were built at key locations in the plant where different production lines and CIP meet.
  • Design, construction and installation of all the auxilliary units, connections and pipings for the efficient operation of the production equipment.
  • At the same time, AS HELLAS developed the software for the production equipment and the central SCADA system, in order for S. MENTEKIDIS SA to take full advantage of the great capabilities that the new installation provides.

    Some of the automation features of the installation are listed below:

  • Siemens PLC with Profibus και Profinet networks
  • Siemens Remote I/O Stations
  • Cabinets with HMIs
  • Central Scada Siemens
  • “ReportAS” from AS Hellas: Comprehensive reporting system which provides the operator with aggrefated information on production and CIP execution.
  • AS HELLAS's interventions have placed special emphasis on work-safety and the quality of the end product.

    With extensive automation, lock-out of prohibited functions, and with the use of special chemical dosing systems during the CIP process, employee safety is ensured and the likelihood of incorrect handling is minimized.

    “The new installation provides for unlimited mechanical and automation extensions in the future”


    S. MENTEKIDIS SA is an excellent example of a business that has learned to operate, produce and create value in a particularly difficult economic environment. In a very dynamic industry with significant competition, it managed to create two highly successful brands and gain substantial market share.

    The commitment of the company to quality and its determination to look forward are safe indicators of even better performance and success in the future. The economic and social impact of the company makes it a valuable contributor to the local community and to the Greek business community.

    AS HELLAS is particularly proud to keep contributing to the successful course of S. MENTEKIDIS S.A.