Replacement of automation system


HELLENIC PETROLEUM (ELPE) is one of the most important energy groups in Southeastern Europe.

From 1962 until today, the Group's contribution to the economy of Thessaloniki region, in particular, is significant. Over the past five years alone, the group invested more than 400 million euros in the area. It is estimated that ELPE provides about 1.7% of the city's GDP and ensure its energy supply.

AS Hellas has been cooperating with ELPE since 2011, and when they wanted to replace two old PLCs for the tank loading and fire-extinguishing operation at Ionia Thessaloniki, they called upon us.

The existing system had considerable difficulties finding spare parts and keeping up with maintenance, while the lack of scalability and the outdated technology made it imperative to replace. They requested the replacement of the SYLVANI system with a modern andunified automation solution.


SIEMENS' new integrated automation system consists of a PLC in redundancy mode and incorporates the two functions (Fire Extinguishment, Operation). Both imaging and remote control are performed from two touchscreens. The use of fail-safe (hardware, software) equipment covers the specifications of the project.

The system consists of the following elements:

  • 1 pair PLC S7-400H
  • 1 signal collection station ET200SP (fail-safe)
  • 2 touchscreen displays KTP1500
  • 1 Industrial Ethernet switch

On-site work on the migration from the old to the new system included the following:

  • Removal of old controllers
  • Removal of old switches and indicators
  • Partial replacement of auxiliary relays
  • Installation of new controllers and I/O cards
  • Installation of new touch screens
  • Termination of existing wires on new Ι/Ο cards
  • Wiring check
  • Functionality check

The migration to the new system was completed in less than 36 hours, as it had been thoroughly prepared at the premises of AS Hellas. We essentially avoided any downtime in the ELPE facilities.



“The project was executed exactly as we planned. We have a long-term relationship with AS Hellas. Our cooperation is always flawless”

Maria Kardoula, Electrical Engineer ELPE

The new integrated system from SIEMENS

The new hardware significantly improved the reliability of the system, operation, and handling, and at the same time reduced maintenance costs due to direct support and spare parts availability.

Also, the installation can support new features and can easily interface the system with other data capture and processing systems.

Finally, programming will no longer be a problem since this system is the most popular in the market and there are a lot of developers to work with.