Epirotic Bottling Industry S.A.


Epirotic Bottling Industry S.A. was founded in 1990 in Perivleptos of Ioannina and is one of the most well-known and trusted companies in the bottled water industry. It has three water and beverages factories (Perivlepptos, Kalpaki, Loutraki) and PETCOM Plastics, a manufacturer of PET packaging for better control of its packaging materials.

PETCOM is located in the Industrial Area of ​​Ioannina and produces PET preforms and closures for PET packaging of water, soft drinks and milk. VIKOS S.A. has steadily held the leading position in the market share of bottled water in Greece since 2006, while at the same time it has a very strong growth in the beverage market.

AS HELLAS started cooperation with VIKOS S.A. in 2010 when it was asked to improve and upgrade the production processes in order to enhance control and efficiency and increase the capacity of the Perivleptos plant. The plant, after years of rapid growth, needed redesigning and optimization of the automated processes, in order to support the addition of new equipment.

The production lines were redesigned with a new modular configuration. A streamlined design that would allow for easy future upgrade and expansion.

Due to the high demand for Vikos water and the continuous operation of the plant, the project was carried out step by step. AS HELLAS, with many years of experience in upgrading facilities without interrupting the production schedule, was the right partner for the execution of this complex project.

During the works, the plant was controlled partially by the new and partially by the old system. Following the progress of the project, the new system was increasingly taking over from the old system, until it replaced it completely.


The solutions of AS HELLAS comprised both mechanical as well as electrical work to support the new equipment.

The new facility was designed to adopt advanced technology, both in the mechanical but also in electrical and automation solutions.
AS HELLAS undertook the project for all the stages: study and design, the supply of equipment, installation and commissioning, with excellent success both in terms of time and quality.

AS HELLAS mechanical solutions included:

  • Redesigning most of the production process for greater functionality and efficiency of the plant with easy scalability.
  • Supply and installation of new automatic valve clusters. They were built at key locations in the plant where different production lines and CIPs meet.
  • Supply and installation of a CIP (Cleaning In Place) system to clean the plant before and after the production process. Multiple lines were installed so that different production circuits can be cleaned simultaneously.
  • Supply and installation of new production lines and rationalization of existing ones.

These solutions, in combination with the complete automation of the production process, decongested the operation of the plant and contributed significantly to the increase of productivity and the significant improvement of the use of energy and human resources of VIKOS SA. Furthermore, the "modular" design enables the mechanical and automation upgrades in the future. VIKOS S.A. benefited greatly from this feature and assigned to AS HELLAS further upgrades and expansions of the production lines in subsequent years.

The rapid growth of VIKOS S.A. as well as its commitment to the quality and safety of the final product, has created the need for significant investment in automation. The company invested and keeps investing in the modernization of its automation system and infrastructure, realizing functional, economic and qualitative advantages.

The control of the Plant is achieved both by local control stations and by a central system (SCADA). For local control, different key locations in the factory have been selected from where operators can obtain information about the production process. At the same time, they have the option of being close to the installation during maintenance periods. The SCADA system is centrally located and supervises the entire installation. From there, operators with proper commands assert full control to the production process and the process of cleaning the circuits.

Some of the automation features of the installation are listed below:

  • Siemens PLC with Profibus και Profinet networks
  • Siemens Remote I/O Stations
  • Cabinets with HMIs
  • Central Scada Siemens
  • “Reports” from AS Hellas: Comprehensive reporting system which provides the operator with aggregated information on production and CIP execution.

“Since 2010, Automation System Hellas has been working with VIKOS S.A. in upgrading and expanding of the Perivleptos plant”


VIKOS S.A. is a very important asset for the Greek economy. With sales of € 75.94 million and a net profit of € 7.72 million, it is a landmark for the bottled water & soft drink sector. In a very difficult economic period for Greece, the company invested more than € 19 million in 2017 and it keeps investing in 2018. It employs more than 300 employees, sharing the vision that has led VIKOS S.A. to be one of the most important companies in Greece.

AS HELLAS is particularly proud to have contributed to the successful course of VIKOS SA.

Project Engineer: Nikos Moschopoulos