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American Farm School of Thessaloniki (AFS). “From cow to bottle”
American Farm School of Thessaloniki (AFS). “From cow to bottle”

American Farm School of Thessaloniki (AFS)
“From cow to bottle”

The American Farm School's Educational Farm features, among others, a fully functional Dairy Training Center, which serves as a training center for teaching, demonstration and education of students in a real production environment.

The raw milk produced in AFS is of exceptionally high quality and is transported to the Educational Dairy for further processing and bottling after the milking process of the cows.

AFS is a pioneering educational, non-profit institution that promotes innovation. It was AFS that introduced fresh pasteurized milk into the Greek market with the establishment of a pasteurization and bottling unit in Greece as early as 1935. It is a premium product which is sold in all major food chains as well as in selected locations in Thessaloniki and Athens.

Since 2008, AFS has been working with AS Hellas and is modernizing the Milk Training Center with new installations for milk collection, pasteurization, filling lines and CIP stations, all fully automated.

AS Hellas has recently undertook and completed the project of improving the life of fresh milk at the American Farm School. The solution included a complete upgrading of the automation of pasteurized milk tanks and of the CIP station.

This strategic move of the School satisfies its consumers' demand for fresh milk that is kept for several days in the refrigerator, keeping the purity, taste and unparalleled quality that the American Farm School is known for.

Sector manager:Vassilis Giannopoulos
e-mail: V.Giannopoulos@ashellas.com