CIP in Cheese Plants
CIP for Cheese Plant

CIP τυροκομείου

CIP for Cheese Plant

BIZIOS S.A. - Traditional Greek cheeses since 1927

In the town of Elassona, facing Mt. Olympus lies the dairy industry BIZIOS S.A., one of the largest and most successful cheese producers in Greece. Combining traditional production methods with advanced processing, the company offers traditional Greek cheeses of very high quality and great taste.

High capital investment has turned BIZIOS S.A. in one of the most technologically advanced cheese producers in Greece. AS Hellas, having significant experience and expertise in Dairy and cheese- making, undertook the implementation of a significant part of these investments..

We installed a new, fully automated cleaning unit CENTRASIP for cleaning all the circuits of the factory. Furthermore, we modernized the raw milk reception and storage installation and redesigned the milk management process for the Feta production. The restructuring is transforming the process to a fully automated one, facilitating the production control, the safety of the final product and the final cleaning.
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Sector manager:  Vassilis Giannopoulos