MABIZ S.A.

    MABIZ S.A. is a leader in Animal Feed in Greece. For 8 years now AS Automation System Hellas is providing production lines and automation solutions for MABIZ S.A. and is helping the company to operate a fully automated and efficient plant.

    We provided Production lines for the ready food segment, Chicken silage storage lines, new silage storage installation, new installations for animal food production, complete installation of line of reception, storage chicken silage to name but a few of our projects with MABIZ. Our automation solutions are providing the heartbeat of this intelligent processing plant.

    MABIZ SA is one of these cases that we feel so proud about! Long lasting relationship of trust that enables us to build upon and deliver large economies of scale, hard to beat efficiencies and finally, to create a competitive advantage for our client. MABIZ is shaping its future, by becoming an agile and efficient producer, and we are proud of being their trusted partner!

    Sector manager: Vassilis Giannopoulos