IKOS Dassia Resort

Εμφιαλωμένο νερό ΒΙΚΟΣ Α.Ε.


A Greek success story

VIKOS S.A. is a very important asset for the Greek economy. With sales of €75.94 million and a net profit of €7.72 million, it is a landmark for the bottled water & soft drinks sector in Greece.

AS HELLAS started working with VIKOS S.A. in 2010, when it was asked to improve and upgrade the production processes in order to enhance control and efficiency, and increase the capacity of the Perivleptos plant. The plant, after years of rapid growth, needed redesigning and optimization of the automated processes, in order to support the addition of new equipment. The production lines were redesigned with a new modular configuration and with a streamlined design that would allow for easy future upgrades and expansion.

AS HELLAS solutions, in combination with the complete automation of the production process, decongested the operation of the plant and contributed significantly to the increase of productivity and the significant improvement of the use of energy and human resources of VIKOS S.A.

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Project Engineer: Nikos Moschopoulos
e-mail:: N.Moschopoulos@ashellas.com