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You can do more with less

Billion liters of milk are consumed every year worldwide! This is a very important market with thin margins. Value added products are increasingly important as profit drivers for Dairy companies. In this competitive market, dairy processors looking for better quality and higher margins, need to carefully evaluate and try to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI). We can help them with our products and services!
We have a vast experience in Dairy Processing. We design, construct and install equipment, automated processing lines and complete, “turnkey” plants, customized to the needs of our clients. They achieve more with less resources becoming more profitable and productive.
In 20 years now, we have completed numerous projects for major dairies, having a major impact in the modernization of the Greek Dairy industry.

Particularly for dairies we undertake and provide the following:

• Production specification development and plant engineering
• Production equipment supply
• Production equipment installation and interconnection
• Plant lifetime support
• Maintenance service of installed equipment
• Modernization and improvement of existing plants

Our solutions extent the life time of the equipment and at the same time reduce costs and increase safety.
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Special prefabricated units for Dairy & Cheese Plants

Reduce delivery time and investment cost

AS Automation System Hellas apart from the customized solutions of each plant, provides ready tested automatic prefabricated units with short delivery times and easy installation.
The units are supplied with flexible automation software and detailed operator manuals so that even inexperienced operators can put them in operation easily and fast.

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