Production Lines

Yogurt Plants

Yogurt is a food legend. A global dairy product, embedded in many ancient cultures, and transformed to a contemporary healthy food for today’s discerning consumer.

Across the continents there are several types of yogurt due to the different production methods and recipes (Skyr, Doogh, Laban etc.). Among all these yogurts of the world, Greek yogurt has a prominent position. It has a thicker texture and offers twice the protein of traditional yogurts with no fat and relatively low calories. These attributes of Greek yogurt filled the need for foods that are considered purer, simpler, and more natural.

Yogurt production equipment & Complete processing plants

Since 1996, AS Hellas provides Yogurt production lines and fully automatic Yogurt Plants all over the world. The company has developed specialized know-how in the production of Greek Yoghurt and has a large list of highly successful facilities both in Greece and abroad.

The customized solutions that we develop for each customer, ensures the optimization of the production procedure, consistency of the final product, flexibility, and an excellent Return On Investment (ROI). We are known for our smart solutions that will keep your yogurt plant expanding with ease, according to your needs and your capital investment priorities. You can read a relevant case study for a major yogurt producer in Greece here.

Yogurt is one of the most important food products in the world. Use our extensive know-how and experience to build your factory according to your present and future needs and optimal value for money.

Special prefabricated units for Yogurt Plants

Reduce delivery time and investment cost

AS Hellas apart from the customized solutions of each plant, provides ready tested automatic prefabricated units with short delivery times and easy installation. The units are supplied with flexible automation software and detailed operator manuals so that even inexperienced operators can put them in operation easily and fast.

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