According to the International Federation of Robotics, in the years to come, robotics will dominate the world. Companies that want to remain competitive in the future need to invest in full automation of their production processes.

AS Hellas uses its experience and expertise in automated food and beverage production lines and now also offers Robotic solutions for post-production collection, packaging and palletizing in close collaboration with world-renowned ABB.

ABB is one of the world's leading robotic arm suppliers, with more than 400,000 robots installed worldwide. Its applications are supported locally by ABB's extensive presence and service network, the largest in the industry.

Our collaboration with ABB in Robotics allows us to integrate solutions for after-packing, thus completing our overall presence in the food and beverage production process. Our customers can now rely on a reliable partner for all of their production needs, the one who have been trusting for years.

AS Hellas's integrated solutions bring more efficiency, performance, and flexibility to the production process while saving time and resources in the installation.

Our comprehensive know-how and expertise, especially in the Food & Beverage industry, allows you to make very significant savings in your operating costs and improve health and safety at your workplace.

Contact us to discuss your needs in detail and suggest ways to dramatically reduce your production costs.